Frequently Asked Questions

Here's what we get asked most.

From Clients

Stacy Nelson & Associates is an executive search firm that specializes in nonprofit leadership C-Suite and Director level search projects.

The firm is composed of 5 experienced, empathetic nonprofit executive leaders in this field.  With over 30 joint years of experience, we bring in-depth knowledge and a holistic approach to each search process. We believe this gives us an unique ability to help our client analyze its needs and clarify the key leadership skills required.

Stacy Nelson & Associates conducts several research interviews with key stakeholders. This often includes onsite meetings, town hall meetings as well as online surveys to dive deep into your community values, mission and vision. We tailor our search to the needs of your organization.
Search committee composition varies depending on the size, culture, complexity and current state of the organization. Search committee members should primarily be board members. Seasoned board members, who exercise good judgment, the ability to work with others, time availability, and the discipline to maintain confidentiality are key attributes of effective search committee members.
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With over 20 years of experience and a high client satisfaction rate, Stacy Nelson & Associates has built an extensive network of contacts and a high-caliber candidate pool of active and passive candidates. We continuously add and update our database. We vet candidates extensively at the top of the candidate funnel to ensure that search committees are considering applicants who have a baseline of leadership skills. As the search committees narrow the field, they can then focus on candidates whose leadership strengths align with the challenges the school faces.

Stacy Nelson & Associates’s focus is on direct recruiting, we will also post and circulate through social media and email blasts.

Based upon our research, we put together a ‘Why Us” statement of why a top candidate would be interested in the opportunity. Stacy Nelson & Associates highlights the organization’s strengths and creates an announcement to promote interest.

Stacy Nelson & Associates provides guidance during the first 30, 60, 90 days from the start date. Through our research, Stacy Nelson & Associates has prepared documents ready for the new CEO and have an outlined discovery report detailing the culture, strengths and culture. Stacy Nelson & Associates also supports outside executive coaches to support additional work.

“Experience and qualifications are important. Fit is paramount.”

At Stacy Nelson & Associates, we don’t just focus on experience and qualifications. Finding the candidate who shares the values of the organization, and demonstrates the right cultural fit is key to our search. Our client’s mission, vision and values drive the search.

Stacy Nelson & Associates does not have a fee-based upon the salary of a candidate. Stacy Nelson & Associates believes this is an essential component for objectivity in the search process.

Stacy Nelson & Associates provides a 12-month guarantee. We stand behind our work.

Stacy Nelson & Associates conducts deep-dive research to understand your organization before starting a search in order to provide you with the best fit and value for the new CEO of your organization.

Stacy Nelson & Associates has outstanding staff who are dedicated and have nonprofit leadership expertise who have been in the field and understand the community.

Stacy Nelson & Associates has a high customer satisfaction rating with proven success.

  • Stacy Nelson & Associates starts with the Job description requirements. How accessible is the job announcement?
  • We conduct phone and Zoom interviews for screening to limit bias.
  • Stacy Nelson & Associates creates interview questions and processes for the interview rounds in advance.
  • We involve many stakeholders including staff, board and partners.
  • Stacy Nelson & Associates communicates with candidates on the progress of the search.
  • Stacy Nelson & Associates asks about cultural awareness and inclusivity in our reference checking.
  • Stacy Nelson & Associates is in discussion about how to train and prepare for inclusive processes with our team and our clients at our upcoming team retreat.

From Candidates

No, a candidate does not pay a fee for this service.

Join our mailing list and follow our Linkedin company account. You can also visit our Career Opportunities page and apply directly.

Once you register as a candidate you can specify which opportunities you have interest in.

Candidates should review their resumes and cover letters for typos.

    • Keep your answers brief and have an example. Ask if the committee would like you to elaborate before giving an extended long answer. Be concise and brief. 
    • If you are on Zoom, be prepared in advance. Adjust your lighting and your screen for the best first impression. Put away your texts and emails so that you can respond directly and be engaged in the conversation.
    • Do your research about the people and organization you are interviewing with in advance.
Once you have submitted a cover letter and resume, you should receive an email receipt stating that your application has been received and Stacy Nelson & Associates will reach out to you if you are selected for an interview. Candidates selected will have several interviews in the screening process.

Let us help you find the right talent.

We look for the right person that is an ideal match to help achieve your mission. Our clients are diverse in size and organizations. Stacy Nelson & Associates specializes in nonprofit sectors including but not limited to healthcare, education, supportive housing, social justice, youth development and environment.