Recruiting and Placement Services

With 20+ years of experience, we have the expertise you are looking for.

Stacy Nelson & Associates will lead your search to a successful completion. 

As your Search Consultant, our role is to help your Board of Directors and Search Committee come to agreement on the selection of your new leadership candidate or team.

We will source, recruit and assess the skills of candidates, narrow the pool, and provide you with the most qualified diverse candidates for your review.

We will facilitate interviews and discussions, and provide your team a professional format for interviewing including listening, asking in-depth questions, providing DEI guidance, reflecting as a team, and making this most important decision.

The Phases of a Search with Stacy Nelson and Associates:

Phase One

This is where we perform due diligence to research and interview the client. This can include speaking with board members, various staff and other stakeholders, as well as the search committee.

Phase Two

Source top talent candidates from a large network of qualified candidates both passive and active. We utilize sourcing tools including a sophisticated recruiting software platform, internal candidate database, referral networks and social media campaigns—as well as our research work from the Discovery Phase.

Phase Three
Interview and Screening

Assessment of skills, detailed screening process with interview facilitation with our clients.

Phase Four

We take the first three phases together into a comparative assessment of all candidate skills and strengths. At the end we have our selection of the most qualified candidate(s).

Phase Five

To make sure our choices are sound, we then proceed to a verification phase where we check references and validate educational background.

Phase Six
The Offer

If everything passes verification, we then coordinate the offer negotiation and offer letter to assure a successful hire.

Phase Seven

Finally comes the draft Onboarding Plan, and coordinating with the new supervisor. To follow-up, we will conduct 30/60/90 day check-ins to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Let us help you find the right talent.

We look for the right person that is an ideal match to help achieve your mission. Our clients are diverse in size and organizations. Stacy Nelson & Associates specializes in nonprofit sectors including but not limited to healthcare, education, supportive housing, social justice, youth development and environment.